This last week I’ve felt a bit…maxed out mentally.

There’s been a steep learning curve recently with a lot of the new tasks I’ve had to learn.

All stuff to do with Evie and scoliosis.

And on Friday, I found myself not wanting to workout.

Just burnt out.

Nothing hurt. Wasn’t sore. No reason to skip my workout honestly. I found myself pigging out on stuff that I’ll pay for tomorrow…

Sometimes I will recognise I’m fatigued and need the time off, even if the day isn’t “planned.”

But yesterday I realized that it was all mental. I just didn’t feel like I had the mental capacity to push myself.

For that exact reason, I forced myself not to skip.

Was it a great workout?

Heck no.

But was it honestly what I needed?


Sometimes you need to just give yourself that kick in the butt to do what you should even though every fibre of your being is screaming BE LAZY! haha

Because I think sometimes the “victory” of doing what we should even on those days we didn’t want to… well it makes us feel TOUGH. Beat the mental.

You know… like that saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”?

It’s like you proved to yourself you can push through adversity in some way.

So if you’ve had a rough week, if you feel like giving up, DON’T.

You’ve got this!