I’m always thinking about how to KEEP engaging my audience. Note the word “KEEP” because this is the most challenging part when it comes to exercise and other healthy lifestyle habits.

Exercise and movement is medicine.

Medicine, often taken regularly, to stay well.

And exercise is medicine that should be consistently undertaken each week, each day, to keep and sustain the benefits.

Getting started with exercise or another new habit is usually relatively easy.

However, when motivation wanes or life comfortably tempts us, it can be challenging to push through and stay with what we had originally planned.

Our minds will find ways to justify why we don’t have to exercise.

It’s cold.
I’m cold.
I’m tired.
I’m too busy.
It’s raining.
I have a meeting scheduled.
I’m at a family gathering.

We miss one session,
then another,
and then one missed session turns into two missed sessions,
then maybe three,
or four.
And then more.

Until you hear yourself say “I haven’t exercised for a while”.

Unfortunately, if we don’t keep up our exercise, we eventually start losing what we’ve gained.

There will always be times when motivation dips or something unexpected gets in the way. So we want to ensure we have some tools to help us when we don’t feel like exercising.

Here are some steps you can take:

  • COMMIT to exercise. Unless there is good reason not to exercise (and there’s very few) at least three times each week, intentionally move your body. These sessions need to be the most important item in your schedule.
  • Remember your “WHY”. Everyone has different reasons as to exactly why they’re exercising. Think of your reasons, and think about how you will feel after making progress with your exercise versus if you don’t exercise. Here’s your why. Keep it short and snappy. Remember your why.
  • SHOW UP. If you’re demotivated to exercise, start by just taking steps to show up to the exercise. You have committed to this. Yes it might be hard – life gets hard sometimes. Find a community of people, such as this awesome team at Heavenly Fitness. And just show up.
  • KEEP AT IT. If you know you should go for a walk, just put your exercise clothes on and tie up your walking shoes. Now start taking steps out the door. Even to the end of your street and back. When you’ve done this, you’re likely going to keep walking. After some time, you’ll most probably find it’s not so bad. And when done, you’ll feel amazing. You don’t have to go all out. Start small, 10 minutes to start with, make it achievable, have fun with it. Even if it’s not the best session, that’s ok! Don’t beat yourself up. Aim to do better next time.
  • REPEAT. Get back to it the next day or the day after, and do your best to improve on your last session (it’s ok if you don’t improve, and even if it’s a slight improvement, that’s great!).

I sometimes feel I don’t want to exercise.
I still make sure I get to the gym.
I have a PT.
I SHOW UP every week.
I’ve been doing the same workouts with my PT week in week out so we can check progress. Nothing fancy, basic lifts and 100% accountability.
Most of the time, I get into it.
I never regret the workout!

You may have tips to stay consistent with your exercise or other habits. If so, share them with me!

Need some help with a plan? Message me, I can help you.