“I’m too old to gain muscle.”

That statement is….

100% FALSE.

Nice try blaming your age. 😜

Because the truth is….

You can gain muscle at ANY and EVERY age.

While it can become harder to build and retain lean muscle as we get older, it isn’t impossible.

It is actually all too possible.

We just may have to change how we diet and train to see better results based on our age.

So STOP using age as an excuse.

Because it isn’t one.

Throughout our life, our needs, goals, lifestyles all are constantly evolving…regardless of the reason, we are going to need to make changes at times.

NOTHING WORKS FOREVER….no matter what.

So instead of writing yourself off, simply be ready to make changes.

And realize that, sometimes some of our previous dieting and training practices, while they “worked” at the time, may now be holding us back.

What will you be doing differently from now on to MAINTAIN your results?

What activity have you increased to build muscle as you age?

Please do check in with me for your final measurements.

I’m always sad when a programme comes to an end, but also happy to see so many people make life changing decisions that benefit their wellbeing.

All I ask is you keep in touch, recommend the plan and make it to MetaFIT, include strength exercises, do your mobility work and continue to reap the benefits!