Julia is the most amazing coach. She will support and extend you in a fun, positive way to help you get real results. There is no shaming and group classes are so supportive. Can’t recommend enough.


Explosive jacks, burpees, press-ups, squats, sprints… surprisingly you end up loving them. That’s Metafit. HIIT at its best and we love it!

My husband Brad and I have been doing Metafit training with Julia McHale for just over a year. It is hardwork and intense but incredibly rewarding. Within weeks we had noticeable changes in our physique, strength, fitness and mental well-being. The sessions are short and suit our busy lifestyle. Julia creates the perfect environment for you to challenge and stretch your physical and mental limits. You’ll never feel out of place at Metafit, no matter your age, shape or fitness level. Julia is amazing and we are grateful to her for making Metafit a part of our lives.


Julia and her Metafit program have changed my world. Having historically been a runner who plodded the pavements and kept a steady healthy weight, I thought I had this fitness lark sorted. Doing Metafit over the past 15 months has totally changed this mindset. At 46 I am now stronger than I have ever been, my body shape has totally changed, constant sore achilles and hips have disappeared and I love the feeling of working at a high intensity for a short period of time! It’s meant to be hard and it doesn’t disappoint but that feeling afterwards is sooo good!!


Julia is amazing. She is so encouraging but well aware of my limitations. I love her enthusiasm at seeing me achieve my goals.


Julia created a both great and challenging 7 week program for me. She’s great at giving you drive and the push you need to get to your best! Saw amazing results at the end of it. Thanks again!


Julia isn’t just present when the class is on, but is in contact regularly with encouragement, information or whenever you have a question. Julia has created a fabulous fun community within her Heavenly Fitness business, which is a real credit to her caring and positive outlook.


Julia is a fantastic trainer. I used her for my academy netballers, and she was amazing with the athletes – will definitely be using Julia again!


Caillie’s Fitness Journey

Having moved from Singapore to New Zealand at the end of 2015 I went through a period of high stress; country move, house move, new schools for kids, new church, new friends. I’ve always been a comfort eater, and I definitely turned to food to relieve the stress during this time. Probably the biggest factor was discovering Whittaker’s chocolate family slabs. Within 18 months I easily put on 15kg and increased two clothes sizes. Then I kept getting sick and injured; head colds, sprains, carpal tunnel, whooping cough. It was a tricky time, as I didn’t feel good about myself, I felt like I was falling apart as I approached 40 years old.

The trigger came when I saw a photo of myself from our summer camping trip while I had whooping cough, I realised I looked overweight and unhealthy and needed to do something about it. To compound this, my husband booked our family onto the Northern Circuit (4 day tramp around Ngauruhoe taking in a chunk of the Tongariro Crossing). I wanted to be fit enough to not slow my family down on this tramp. So, in June 2018 I heard about a pop-up Metafit class at AV which was on at the same time as my kids were doing gym class two buildings down, and I thought I’d give it a go.

That first class was tough, I hadn’t exercised properly in a number of years and I was really out of shape. But Julia was encouraging and motivating and reassured me that it would do me good no matter what level I did the class at (I was using all the regressions for the first few months). A couple of hours after the class I felt fantastic, that feeling remained for two or three days. I went back for a second class, and the same thing happened. I found the short duration of the classes (18-24 minutes long) very appealing, it’s hard work but such an efficient way to exercise.

Julia took me for coffee to talk about a program and changing how I nourished myself. I took up that opportunity for accountability and advice, and enjoy the support in the form of weigh-ins, blog articles and encouraging chats with Julia.

I did 2-3 Metafit classes a week between June and December, as well as changing the way I ate, and I lost 10kg along the way. I really enjoy the community of folk I’ve met through the classes, what a lovely way to build friendships!

The tramp in December was amazing and I was more than strong enough to manage it. I’ve now (March 2019) lost 14kg and I’m still going, I’ve gone from a size 16 to a size 12. I feel fit and strong, and generally more comfortable in my own body. I’ve enjoyed having Julia alongside during this journey, urging, encouraging and keeping me accountable when things start to slip. I can’t recommend Julia’s programs enough, I’ve felt so supported these last 9 months.

Now I’m doing 2 Metafit classes a week, and I’ve started doing Parkrun on a Saturday (I never would have dreamed of running 5km before starting this program). I’ve also signed up for the Porirua Grand Traverse, and we have more multi-day tramps planned for this year. I’m now leading the active life I wanted to lead, and my confidence is at an all time high. Being stronger and fitter makes a difference to everything I do. Thanks to Heavenly Fitness for changing my life!

I am so glad to have crossed paths with the wonderful Julia. I cannot thank her enough for her continuous support over the last few months. She pushes to get the best out of you and always believes in you. Fully recommend!!!